Throwback: I released MORE

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

My name is Cassidy-Rae. If you did not know, now you do and your life is forever different now - hopefully for the better.

This blog post is about throwing it back. Throwback to the good days that happened just a couple of months ago....

I just released new music in May - a single called "More". Recorded and produced with Michael Carpenter from Love Hz Studios in Sydney, Australia, #More is a song about realising your worth, understanding that your perception of yourself doesn't need to be tainted by the opinions and judgements of others. You are #worth more than what anyone says about you.

I wrote it in a time in my life where I let those opinions affect me negatively. I felt not smart enough, not good enough, not pretty enough, not powerful enough, not worthy. But I believe that when words fail, music speaks. And from my heartache, #more was born.

I am so grateful for the abundance of love and support that #More has received. Debuting at #3 on the iTunes Country Music Charts, between Keith Urban and Lee Kernaghan, shared on countless commercial and community radio stations nationally and internationally, #More is still being featured on national television, in the Top 30 CMC Charts!

The official music video that I shot with my fabulous team from Jackson Speed has nearly hit over 100,000 views on YouTube! If you haven't yet seen it, check it out here:

I wanted to Throwback to this before we look to the future....

Because there is #more to come - so stay tuned!!!