Gratitude #2 The Year That Was

Updated: Jan 13, 2019

So 2019 has officially begun. We shall never return to the year “2018” (except in movies and history books and fiction novels…). No more writing ’18’ in the top right-hand-corner of the notebook. I remember back at school when it used to take weeks of writing dates at the top of the page till I finally could get the new year correct without having to cross out the habit of the previous year. Thank goodness I’m at a stage in life where my new computer automatically inputs the date for me - laziness or genius?


But as we start to venture our way into this new time, wherever you may be in this world (I’ve just started at The Academy - a two week intensive course at Tamworth - basking in the summer sun), I’m reflecting in gratitude back on the year that was.

I mean, I know what they say (whoever ‘they’ are) - “never look back.” // “keep moving forward” // “look in the direction you want to go” - but when I get to the top of a hill I’ve just hiked up, honestly, I enjoy the moment looking back at what I just climbed. Enjoying the feat I just accomplished. Thinking for a second that I am on top of the world, before I look forward again and see another hill that’s a little bigger.

2019 is going to be this incredible feat of a year - and I’m loving every second so far - but for now, I’m taking a moment to look back on the year that was. My second reason to be grateful.

Gratitude #2: The Year that Was

2018 was a year of adventure. It was the first time I travelled overseas to perform as a Piano Bar Entertainer with Carnival Cruise Lines for two months. It was the longest time I have ever been away from my family. It was the year where I finally finished university. It was the first time I started my blog. The year where in December I recorded and mixed my new single which I’m releasing this year. 

2018 was a year of love. Pure love, writing my emotions out on paper, page after page - which I’m so excited to share with you! It was a year where I met a couple that had just got engaged, and I sung them my love song to celebrate, which has become the song for their “first dance” at their wedding!

I’m so grateful for every moment. The laughs, the love, the lessons. All shaping me to be the person I need to be right now. All driving me on my path in this life, wherever it may lead.  

Take this moment with me and breathe in a feeling of gratitude. You not only survived 2018, you thrived. A year of twists and turns, serendipitous moments, moments of hardships, where you have come through. You are at the start of a new chapter. A new leaf. A new page where you can choose how you want to feel. Where you choose what you want to do. 2018 is a reason to be grateful. Feel grateful for the year that has lead you to this moment.

2018 is gone. I’m thankful for the time we shared. But now it’s time for the future. For now. 2019 is in your hands.