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Gratitude #3 The Ups & Downs

Updated: Jan 13, 2019

Another week, another reason to be grateful.

In life, we constantly are learning new things. Growing. Evolving. Moving from new situation to new situation. Changing to suit the environment we’ve been placed in or adapting to move away from the places we no longer want to be part of.

They say If you stop learning, you stop moving forward. And that’s what life is - moving.

The Earth moves at close to 1600 km/hr (1000 miles per hour) every 24 hours.

Our orbital speed around the sun is about 107,000 km/hr (67,000 mph)

We don’t even feel it, but right now as you are reading this, you are travelling SUPER FAST through space!

Credit: (NASA)

Because we are always on the go, we need to adapt to survive.

In life, there are these learning curves.

The curveballs that we weren’t expecting. They may be good (like an unexpected surprise from your best friend that you haven’t seen in months, or a new job opportunity) or they may throw us off the path we thought we were meant to be travelling (like getting sick, or fired, or losing something valuable).

And it’s at these times that I find a reason to be grateful.

Reason #3: The Ups & Downs in Life

Understandably, be grateful for the good things. But you may be thinking, why be grateful for something that throws you off your path?


a) it is a chance to grow in a way that is unexpected. We learn more from failures and mistakes and things we weren’t expecting to happen compared to the moments of success, as in those moments of success, we learn we did the right things, so there’s not a lot to improve. But when we fail, or we have those huge curveballs, it’s a chance to be taught something new - how to adapt in a situation you weren’t anticipating. How to move through the mountains, the ups and downs of life.

b). Ultimately, going through the downs of life, going through the hard moments makes you appreciate the good times, the top of the hill moments, even more. Because you achieved a lot to get there. You worked hard to move forward, to grow. To move to the next hill, and so forth. These learning curves allow us to keep growing.

I’m having lots of curveballs thrown at me lately. I feel like every day I’m getting stacked to the brim with new information, new tools to grow. I’m writing this at an Academy for an intensive course learning about songwriting, music and the country music industry and it’s FULL ON! Working with some amazing country artists including Lyn Bowtell, Roger Corbett, Catherine Britt, Jayne Denham, Kevin Bennet, Liam Kennedy-Clark, Hayley Marsten, Kasey Chambers, Katrine Burgoyne, Tori Forsyth, Aleyce Simmonds, Travis Collins, Amber Lawrence and MORE! (Yes, I name dropped….it’s beyond cool that I get to not just listen to these incredibly talented humans but I get to ask them for advice!)

But I’m so grateful for this opportunity - to learn from some of the best in the industry. To grow as a person, as an artist, as a musician.

I hope you have a moment this week where you find your reason to be grateful.

Until next Sunday!

Love, xx

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