Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

I have officially graduated from University. That marks 18 years of education, thousands of dollars invested in intellectual and personal growth. I reached a milestone that no one in my family has accomplished. Pretty cool, huh? I am now a graduate of Macquarie University and completed a BA with a double major in ‘Arts, Management and Industries’, and ‘Music’. 

People keep asking how I feel. Honestly - it feels surreal. I’ve been working for years, knowing and abiding by a certain level of structure in my life - understanding that the proceeding year there is a process to be followed - knowing that there is a class to attend, books and essays to be read and studied, assessments to be submitted and assessed. I don’t think it has fully sunk in that I no longer follow that routine. My brother is already back at university classes and it almost feels as if I’m just on a little break before I return to classes myself. At one of my performances, discussing this though with my friend, she stated that it took a whole year to feel like she was finally out of university - that is was finally a habit broken.  

I believe it certainly helped that I completed most of my degree part-time, while the other half I was creating and performing music. And while I am grateful to have finished that chapter in life, I’m not done with learning. I constantly strive to grow, improve, learn more, seek more understanding. I just won’t be attending a class at a university for a little while.

Amidst performances around the country, I travelled to Paris in my second year where I released my single “Just Smile” at the launch of World Kindness France. I also travelled to the USA in my final year at university - a year where I decided to complete my degree full time (which meant more course work then I had ever done before). In the final month, I took a week and travelled to the Pacific Islands on the Carnival Spirit again performing as a Piano Bar Entertainer.  

People have asked me how I did it. How did I complete university while travelling the world and pursuing music?

To be honest, with a lot of help, amazing timing and hard work.

I feel I could write pages and pages of how grateful I am to have my family - it’s almost as if the more I keep writing it, the more it shows how truly grateful I am. Countless times I lent on them for support and guidance, even their license to drive me to university because I needed to use the extra time in the car to complete an assignment before submitting the work that very day.