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New York City in 48 Hours

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

What an adventure!

New York City - one of the most famous cities in the world. I'd never been before and I only had 48 hours. Have you ever visited? I wanted to do so much, with so little time. If you are ever in the same position, this is exactly what I did.

Because New York City is such a large (incredible) city, it's hard to decide where to start first! Do you start with visiting all the places that you've seen in the movies and the tv shows?

My suggestion: start by going straight to the top. Straight to the top of the Empire State Building. Getting in late at night means that you get to see the entire city covered in lights.

It truly is a magical sight, and gives a perspective about the next hours you'll be spending in this city. Plus, the advantage of going up the Empire State Building at night means fewer lines, which means more time to see the gorgeous view, rather than waiting for the elevator.

Now for the first dinner in NYC. How can you be in New York City and not try a New York Pizza? Or New York Cheescake? In my opinion, if you go to a city that is known for a certain type of food, you should try it. In New Orleans, my plan is to travel to Cafe Du Monde - the home of beignets - and try a fresh beignet from the place that started them! I tried pasta in Italy and I tasted Chinese food in Hong Kong (although, I believe they just call it food). If you come to Australia, you try our steak, our lamingtons and our meat pies.

And by the way, the pizza was GOOOOOD. Most anywhere you go, the pizza is fresh, made in front of your eyes, and it tastes as good as it looks. I should also mention, that one slice is bigger than my face!!!

Now I know that they say it's the city that never sleeps, but if you want to enjoy all that NYC has to offer, get your rest. I found myself in a hotel that was in close proximity to everything - Grand Central, Central Park, Empire State Building - so close I could walk! And that's one of the best things, walking through NYC - seeing the sights and having a moment to breathe in the city air, look up and see buildings that felt like mountains, the sun glistening off the mirrored windows, watching the locals walk like they were on a mission, like they knew the ins and outs of the maze that I was happily getting lost in.

Other than walking, the way to get around the city is either Uber, those famous yellow taxis (which, as an Australian is so cool cause our taxi's are white), or the subway. Personally, everytime I was wanting to go to the next place, I would toss up between walking (because 11 blocks didn't ever feel far) or the subway (which is a lot of fun for a small town girl like me).

Grand Central is one of the most famous terminals in the world - and for good reason. The architecture, the paintings on the ceiling, the entire building certainly feels GRAND. Riding a New York subway almost felt like a rite of passage. So starting the morning with a ride on the subway downtown to see the sights sounded perfect.

With 48 hours in NYC, there are certain sights that one simply must see - like Lady Liberty for example. And boy, is she lovely. Lovely Lady Liberty stood gloriously on this sunny day, and after so many times seeing her in movies and tv and pictures from Pinterest or Twitter or Instagram, or any other social platform, seeing her in person was all I hoped. She stood tall and beautiful. What I found out was that she was a gift from the French! Something more to love about her (cause I love France and all things French).

So this would be a definite recommendation.

Taking a cruise was one of the easiest ways to see Lady Liberty up close, and also gave me the opportunity to cross a couple of other famous points to visit off the list - like Governor's Island, the Brooklyn Bridge and even seeing Wall Street. So if you want to get a lot done in a limited time, tours are the best course of action in my opinion.

After a cruise, a moment to really breathe after seeing so much in so little time is definitely required - so a picnic and a bike ride around Central Park was the way to go! With a market just across the street, food was delightfully fresh and a quick walk to this beautiful park. The only question becomes - where to sit!?!

With so many playgrounds, lush green hills, paths that take you to quiet nooks where other visitors haven't found yet, or to the fountains that feel so familiar and still so magical, the options of which view to take in while eating lunch feels endless. A bike ride around the entire park (which takes 45 minutes) allowed the chance to see all the options, and see the beauty of it all. I was surprised at how big the park was - I've seen photos from the top looking down, but once you're riding around, it just kept going. If you're visiting NYC, take the moment to explore this beautiful park - the lush, rolling hills to the Loeb Boathouse, to the rowboats, or the RC boats in the pond or the castle or the Fountains, or...you see what I mean? So much to look at.

Being a musical person, as you know, I loved the opportunity to go a see a Broadway musical. And not just any musical, but one of the longest-standing musicals in Broadway - CHICAGO!

Have you seen it? Let me know!

My review: I was completely astounded - from the music, to the costumes, the staging to the lighting, from the ranges of all the vocalists to the choreography, to the humour that is so elegantly presented with musical accompaniment and flair. I loved it and if I had more time in NYC, I would choose to see another Broadway show.

There may be 8.2 million people living in NYC, but I only ever once felt crowded - and that was at Times Square. It felt like a 360-degree computer screen larger than you could possibly imagine, while being surrounded by literally thousands of people who are either tourists, with their mouths dropped like you, or characters to take photos with, or people on the sidewalk (some literally standing on soapboxes) preaching their truth.

With my final morning, I chose to watch the sunrise over the buildings from, Central Park. From the famous Bethesda Fountain, I had my Sunday Sitdown live! Have you seen it? If not, check out my other Blog post "Sunday Sitdown #7"!!! https://www.cassidy-rae.com/post/sunday-sitdown-7

The last part of my 48 hours was spent paying my respects at the 9/11 Museum, which is sobering and solemn. What a tragic event in history. Tear-eyed, I sat for I don't know how long in a room where loved ones talked about the family members they lost.

The One World Trade Centre that stood towering over the two 9/11 memorial waterfalls was a sight to see, and not see (really when the sun was on it, I struggled to look to the top without squinting - the light from the windows was blinding). But visiting the World Trade Centre and the Observation deck on the 102nd floor allowed an opportunity to see this beautiful city from a birds' eye view once more, but this time, during the day. And it was magnificent. I've not seen a view like that anywhere else in the world. I felt such elation to be staring at this with my own eyes and that 48 hours was nearly over and I had done and seen so much.

I spent my final meal on the observation deck of the World Trade Centre. This has to be the highest height at which I've ever had a meal - 385m high in the sky eating a very delicious burger - and probably the best meal I had in all of NYC. If you ever visit, stop to take a moment and enjoy the food, and the view.

Flushing Meadows was home to the 1939 and 1964 World's Fair. Flushing Meadows in Brooklyn was the last place I visited before I left New York. It is a lovely park that stretches itself out next to the Citi Field Baseball Stadium. This was not only a relaxing way to end a hectic 48 hours seeing New York, but it was touching to visit a bit of history. This was a fun place to go on a hot summer's day with the waterfalls surrounding the recognisable metal globe structure.

Thank-you for being a part of this 48 hour adventure!

If you ever go to New York City or if you have ever been, I'd love to see your photos and hear your stories - send me a message - is there anything you would do differently with 48 hours? Let me know :)

My time in New York was something I won't ever forget, and it was amazing to share parts with you. Please expect the photos and stories to keep on coming. I can't wait for our next adventure! Stay tuned!

Love, xx

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