Love Yourself ♥

No, I'm not talking about the song by #JustinBieber (although that is a great song).

I'm talking about self love. That's right. This is a mindful post. One that I believe we all need continuous reminders of.

Leading up to going away on this cruise (incredible once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that if you haven't read about - click here.) - there is so much to do. Honestly, the amount of #todo lists I've written is beyond me. I have a huge A3 poster in the middle of the kitchen where my family and I write extra tasks to do if we think of them. I have seven assignments to complete for University, songs I'm writing and so many exciting things to plan - (like officially releasing this website) - it's a lot.

And honestly, I have had moments where I feel like I'm not doing enough. I'm not going fast enough or I didn't know how to do something so going through a task I make mistakes (like medical forms - something to make sure my life is healthy will be the death of me - how's that for irony?) .

I noticed I started to literally stress myself out. Focusing on everything that was supposed to be happening, things I should've done weeks or months ago if I had more time, focusing on how others could probably do it better if they were in my situation. I was wishing I had more time in the day, and because I wasn't fulfilling my expectations, I was frustrated and angry at myself.

While that's ok - you're allowed to feel angry at yourself - it certainly isn't efficient - especially when I have limited time.

I was judging myself to standards that I set, and when I failed to meet some, I reacted negatively. Which is why I need this reminder and I wanted to share it with you too - just in case you've gone through or are going through what I am.

So here's my #top3 Self love reminders:

1. Know that who you are & what you do is enough.

Everyone in life has a path and their own timeline. My favourite highschool teacher used to say "There are many paths to the top of the mountain, but the view from the top is the same." It became one of my mantras - because it reminded me that I am enough - I am going through life the way that I am meant to. I am making mistakes and learning at the pace that I'm meant to. And people will love me for me. If you don't feel like you're meant to be, be grateful that you have the awareness and power to change, and then work your