Hello December ︎︎♥︎

Happy first of December! For those who are in the US, winter has arrived.

However, down here down under, the sun is shining & I am so grateful for the warmer weather!

December is a time of giving, love & happiness. Celebrating all that has been achieved this past 11 months, getting excited for THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF YEAR and sharing special moments that will be imprinted in memories for years to come.

I have so many performances coming up! (check them out!). They are all free, so if you're free, come say hi!

It's also the month of MY BIRTHDAY! I turn 23 on the 24th, which means I have 23 days left of singing "22" by Taylor Swift before it's no longer relatable. I know a lot of my friends on social media have birthdays this month too! (If that's you, let me know in the comments below!)

And of course, Christmas 🎄 I love this time of year where I get to spoil my loved ones with love. I am a big fan of thoughtful gifts, not just a 'consumer present' (a term coined from the idea that we are just giving because society says its time to give, not because we thought about this person and a way to show them we know them, care and love them.) so I've been into photo frames with pictures of good times and cute cards with meaningful messages. I feel I am constantly on Pinterest searching for new and quirky gifts that are homemade or so thoughtful it makes your heart melt.

I've decided to send out Christmas cards to all my friends - so if you want a Christmas card, send me your name and postal address!!! ︎︎♥︎

Seriously, this is hands-down my favourite month of the year (I'm childish and still have a favourite month of the year...) because everyone you connect with is so joyful for one reason or another. Happiness is infectious and it's drug (and I'm addicted to happiness).

So, if you need me, I'll be here, spreading Christmas cheer, singing carols on repeat starting....NOW!

Love, ︎︎♥︎ xx