Dose Of You - New Single ❤️ OUT NOW

In follow-up to the highly successful #1 iTunes Country Chart release ‘Cheers Y’all’, Cassidy-Rae returns with a new track that deviates slightly from previous releases. ‘Dose of You’ delivers sultry tones & sublime vocals in this feel-good song.

Charting at #1 on the iTunes Country Charts, Dose Of You is desire personified. Every lyric filling the appetite, yet leaves you longing for another dose. Wandering songstress, Cassidy-Rae, inspired from her US tours pre COVID-19, drew on intimate memories of life and love to create this infectious country-pop sound, that will have you wanting more of Cassidy-Rae. The track was written by Cassidy-Rae & produced by Sydney’s Love HZ Studios renowned producer, Michael Carpenter featuring Jy Perry-Banks.

Available now to add, save, stream & download on all digital streaming platforms.

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