Cassidy-Rae has released her latest single ‘Ton Of Bricks’, a contemporary country-pop song that’s
as powerful as it is fierce. An unconventional take on a love song, which bypasses romance to
celebrate the bonds shared between two friends, Cassidy-Rae says, ‘sisters have to stick together.’
Given Cassidy-Rae’s history as a travelling songstress, who has performed across the world including
featured performances on a Caribbean cruise liner, it’s understandable that strong friendships play
such an important role in her life.
The release comes off the back of her single ‘I’m On Vacation’, which was added to full rotation on
CMT, achieved 70,000 views on YouTube and debuted at #2 on both the iTunes Country Singles and
AMRAP Metro charts. It follows numerous highly streamed and charting singles including
‘Throwback’ and ‘More’, which hit #6 and #3 on the iTunes Country Singles chart respectively.
‘Ton Of Bricks’ was recorded at Sydney’s Love Hz Studio with Michael Carpenter. Cassidy-Rae
describes it as ‘the jam you’ll stream when you’re in the mood to kick ass. It’s the words you wish you
could say, the extent to which you wish you could go, all to protect the hearts of the people you care about.’

You’ve heard vulnerability from Cassidy-Rae previously – seen the joy, felt the love – this is
her as you’ve never experienced before.


Ton Of Bricks #3 on iTunes

IAMA (International Acoustic Music Awards) Finalist 2019

I’m On Vacation added to full rotation on the CMC Network

I’m On Vacation - 70,000 views on YouTube

I’m On Vacation Video of the Day Music Network

Released “I’m On Vacation” - #2 on iTunes, #2 on AMRAP Metro Charts, #1 on 100 Percent Australian Show 4 Months in a Row

Throwback - Top Radio Single

Released “Throwback” - #6 on iTunes

More Top 30 on CMC

Released “More” - 100,000 views on YouTube

“More” #3 on iTunes


All Recordings ℗ 2020 Cassidy-Rae Wilson. All Compositions © 2020 Cassidy-Rae Wilson. All rights of the owner of the recorded work are reserved. Copyright subsists in all recordings. Any unauthorized broadcasting, public performance, copying or re-recording in any manner whatsoever will constitute infringement of such copyright. 

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